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Are you seeking the best solution to your infrastructural problem?

Do you wish to renovate your establishment with the utmost architectural ingenuity?

Well look no further, Bliss maintenance and renovation solutions is here and we are more than willing to turn your dreams of a beautiful establishment into a reality.

Based in Gauteng, our company offers high quality solutions to any infrastructural problem.

We use high quality products and possess highly skilled professional who will renovate any building regardless of its size and magnitude.

We provide infrastructural maintenance solutions that can withstand the test of time and prevent any form of damage(whether it is short term or long term).
We assure you, after the job is done, not only will your building look beautiful and well maintained, it will also represent the highest form of infrastructural perfection, guaranteed.
Are you keen on turning your old building into an alluring representation of brilliant architectural craftsmanship that fits perfectly with the notion of modernisation?
Are you ready to allow a company filled with experts and professionals who will renovate your establishment and fix every problem your building has?
Step right in and let us work hard to turn your desires into reality.


Roof repairs & Torch on Waterproofing
Damp proofing & Painting services
Floors & Walls Tiling
Home renovations
Plaster repairs


All our works are closely supervised so as to deliver high quality, neat and professional workmanship.


Workmanship guaranteed.

About Bliss Renovations

Bliss maintenance and renovations is all about bringing you quality. We want to make you the best possible home that matches your style by remodeling or building it from scratch. We have been in the business for quite some time and have only been growing our customer base. The company operates under Gauteng but its head office is in Johannesburg

Below are some of our reviews from our clients.
Anand Pillay

Anand Pillay


''Very professional in what they do.They don't rush work, they make sure it done right and always giving the best advice."

Maurida A.

Maurida A.


"I used Bliss renovations last month to fix my leaky roof and they did more than just fixing the leaks. They also fixed where it was going to start leaking soon. They are extremely professional and fairly priced. They were always on time. When I asked for a quote, they came as soon as they could and did not make me wait long before they came out to do the repairs. They even went the exta mile by cleaning my gutter at no extra cost eventhough that was not what was causing the leak. They gave me a 3.5 years guarantee on their waterproofing work. When Dakalo said that I could phone him if there are still any leaks, I have to be honest, I was sceptical. Because in my experience over the years, I always had to beg and plea for people to come back. But when I called them back for a leak, they came back the very next day. And they fixed the problem which was through no fault of theirs at no extra cost to me again. I would use Bliss renovations again and would definitely recommend them to anyone."




"Bliss renovations repaired horrible wall cracks at my house then painted the walls, waterproof my roof and painted it as well. until today, my house still looks nice, my roof is not leaking so i highly recommend the team."

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